Fr. Jerome Visits St. Innocent - 02/07/16


On Sunday, February 7, 2016, Fr. Jerome Sanderson, the Vice-President of the National Brotherhood of St. Moses the Black, was the guest co-celebrant and homilist at the Divine Liturgy at St. Innocent Church in Redford MI, where Mitered Archpriest Roman Star is the Pastor and Fr. Daniel Shirak is the Assistant Priest. In addition to the wonderful homily that Fr. Jerome gave on Sunday and sharing in the life of the parish with his Matushka Anna, the previous Friday, February 5th, Fr. Jerome was also at St. Innocent, when he concelebrated the Akathist to St. Moses the Black with Fr. Roman and Fr. Daneil. After the Akathist, fellowship and refreshments, Fr. Jerome then gave an inspiring talk in which he shared some of his profound wisdom concerning the cultivation and nurturing of the Orthodox spiritual life. The informal Friday event was sponsored by the Detroit Chapter of the Brotherhood of St. Moses the Black (BSMB).  

It was natural for Fr. Jerome to be at St. Innocent, because Fr. Roman has long been involved with the St. Moses Brotherhood (BSMB), and Fr. Jerome has concelebrated at St. Innocent several times before. Back in 2005, Fr. Roman had arranged for the 2006 Annual Ancient Christianity Conference of the National Brotherhood of St. Moses to be held in Detroit. In order to plan and host the Conference, Fr. Roman formed the Evangelism Committee of the Council of Orthodox Churches of Metro-Detroit. Subsequently, Fr. Roman guided the establishment of the first local chapter of the National BSMB in January 2007. Ever since, Fr. Roman has served as the founding Spiritual Advisor and primary leader of the Detroit Chapter of the BSMB, and St. Innocent Church has served as the chapter’s permanent home. Fr. Roman also serves on the National Board of Directors of the BSMB and its Governance Committee, in which capacity he has participated in the writing of new By-Laws both for the national Brotherhood and for its local chapters.

The Brotherhood of St. Moses was founded in 1994, and is a group of Orthodox Christians who are committed to multi-racial, pan-Orthodox fellowship, and the study of the ancient African roots of the Orthodox faith, and who wish to help make the Orthodox Faith available to the African-American community and to others who are searching for the fulness of the ancient Christian Faith.

Guests, Matushka Anna Sanderson, and Ted & Sharon Gomulka
RIght to left: Fr. Jerome, Fr. Roman, Fr. Daneil, Sdn. Joshua Genig
Sharon Gomulka, past president of the Detroit Chapter of the BSMB, on left
Tiffany & Ed Manier & grandson, Xavier, with Fr. Jerome
Fr. Jerome & Matushka Anna Sanderson