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Our Icons

Although the architectural plan of St. Innocent is simple, and it is plain on the outside, the interior is magnificent! Seventy-five full-length icons of saints (plus the Pantocrator and thirteen other icons), many of whom were recently glorified, cover every wall of the temple (nave, sanctuary, narthex and vestry), and contribute enormously to creating a very spiritual environment for prayer and worship. Because the saints literally surround the worshipper, they graphically convey the reality that in Divine Worship, we are elevated to the heavenly realm, where we "represent the cherubim" who constantly sing the Lord's praises around His throne. During Divine Services at St. Innocent, the church is always full with the presence of these saints. 

The iconographic program is unique: it includes 12 American saints, plus women and men saints of many different countries, including 8 African saints, (reflecting the multi-ethnic character of the parish), most of whom have been recently glorified, and some older national patron saints

In addition to these larger icons, each window holds an icon as well, most of which are blessed with relics of the Saints.