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Mariana & Jason Wess, Church Wedding - 10/15/17

On Sunday, October 15, 2017, Mariana and Jason Wess experienced the great joy of celebrating their Orthodox Church Wedding in the presence of their three children (Amilia, Lilianna and Andrew), their mothers, and many friends, family and parishioners. They chose the date because it is not long after their 17th civil marriage anniversary. The celebration was extra special because Mariana's mother was able to be here from Russia. Mariana and Jason chose to have the Sacrament of Marriage served immediately after the Divine Liturgy, so that they and their children could first receive Holy Communion, and then so that their lovely and delicious reception dinner, crowned by three beautiful cakes, would take place during the normal coffee hour. The Marriage sponsors were Vitaly and Agatha Danylov.

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