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Chrismation of Henry Joseph Hancock - 10/23/16

Henry Joseph Hancock was received into Christ's Holy Orthodox Church by means of the Sacraments of Holy Chrismation and Confession on Sunday, October 23, 2016, at St. Innocent Orthodox Church, Redford, Michigan, by Mitered Archpriest Fr. Roman Star. Henry then received his first Orthodox Holy Communion. Subdeacon Joshua Genig is Henry's sponsor/godfather. Henry joins his mother, Kim, and two sisters, Claire (12) and Eva (10), who had been received into the Orthodox Church seven months ago, on Meatfare Sunday, March 6, 2016. The family had previously been Roman Catholic. May Henry grow closer and closer to the Lord throughout his life, by means of participation in the Church's Sacraments and liturgical life, by prayer, fasting, reading the Scriptures, following the Lord's commandments and doing good works. May God protect and preserve Henry Joseph for MANY YEARS!

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